Hi and welcome to A grain of Sand, the home of Cybernetic Punk. This page will be where I collect all of my current and future graphic novel projects.

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Why A Grain of Sand?

“It sounds pretty modest and well, to be honest not very ambitious for a business name…”

But think about it. A grain of sand… Sure by itself, it’s not very impressive. But then think of all those grains of sand in the Sahara desert, and any beach in the world, or… in a sandstorm!

That little grain of sand suddenly became a little more impressive, didn’t it?

Who am I?

I’m Scott Austin and I’m running this little corner of the internet. Why and how did I get here?

Well, it’s the classic story of the little kid who sat in the corner drawing and creating his own little worlds while other kids stood in a semi-circle saying how cool it was.

To some extent I’m still that little kid, creating wonderful worlds and stories.

Occasionally I’ve strayed from the artistic path to try my hand at a “real job” but have always swerved back to what I do best.  I finally came to a point in my life where I decided to face the facts. THIS is what I do, THIS is what I’m good at.


I haven’t regretted one moment yet 😉


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