Learning MAYA

Yup!  I’ve had to face the fact that even though 3dsMAX can do anything Maya can and had been used in many film productions, it tends to be the tool of choice for most companies.  So I’ve started to try and learn Maya.  The biggest set-back isn’t Maya being more difficult than Max it’s just so different.  Things have different names and you have to go about it in a different way.

But I’m determined to learn this thing so slowly but surely…

My plan is the old “two birds with one stone” technique.  I have a character I’m working on (what character will be a secret for now) and it will be done in Maya.  So this way I’m forced to learn as much as possible to get this character modeled, mapped, rigged and animated. Zbrush will come into play during the modeling stage, but that’s acceptable.

The down side is that it’s going to take MUCH longer this way.  Already frustration has set in.  Because I know that using Max, I’d have a modeled,skinned and rigged character in less than three weeks.  Especially since the rigging phase is a bit special with this character so that in Max I’d  be needing some “This-constraints” and “That-constraints” and some scripting and all kinds of extra tricks.  I have absolutely no ideas how to go about it in Maya.

Thank God for Digital-Tutors and the folks at Gnomon… 🙂


New site up and running!

So here it is.  The new fresh site.  I’ve tossed a lot of the old, dusty, rusty stuff out of the portfolio section and FINALLY put some new stuff up.  There’s still some of my older stuff lurking around the site, but for the most part it’s up to date with my current skill level.

So take a look around. Take your time and if you’re a potential client… drop me a line. 😉