What I do

There’s a term out there “3D Generalist”, which means that if you need a character created, textured or rigged or if you need an environment done or maybe just a piece of furniture, the 3D Generalist will get it done for you.

That’s me.

Though first and foremost I could be considered “just” a character artist, pretty much anything that needs to be done in 3DsMax, I can do it for you.

3D Character work:


3D Environment work:


3D Props and Vehicles:


My services are by no means 3D limited.  Before you can work in 3D you need a good deal of 2D knowledge so if you need character/environment/vehicle/etc concept work done, or promo/poster work  done, someone to work on your comicbook, illustrate your novel or just draw a cute dog for a postcard… I’m your guy! 😉