Jack of All trades

In a Nutshell

Jack of All Trades is a single-player, 3rd person action/adventure game with a healthy dose of RPG.

You travel across the universe to various alien planets solving puzzles, collecting alien treasures, and interacting with multiple characters with a multi-branching dialogue.

Lovable rogue, Jack Rogan

In Jack of All Trades, you play as lovable rogue,  James “Jack” Rogan. A former space marine, currently a smuggler, scavenger, treasure hunter, bounty hunter, and ex-con.

You are let out of prison to find a missing expedition that was assigned to find a new planet for humanity to colonize

Explore the Universe for Treasures

Your search will take you to various alien planets full of puzzles, alien artifacts, and adventure.

Buddy, your trusty mech

On planets, you travel in your 6 meters high mech, Buddy, capable of all manner of parkour movement, climbing abilities, jumping, running, and since it is an army surplus vehicle, various military functions.


To accompany you along with your adventures, is your 8-foot tall alien sidekick, Brii. She was also a prisoner and will be a playable character throughout the game.


The main enemy is a faction known only as “The Cyclops”. They are intent on preventing you from completing your mission.

Why? You’ll find out later…

But The Cyclops are not the only enemies you’ll run into. Everything from vicious alien creatures to warring tribes to disgruntled smugglers to greedy bounty hunters will come across your path.


You’ll run into and have dealings with a vast amount of aliens. Everything from traders to mobsters to smugglers to bounty hunters to natives on alien planets.

Some WIP Footage

Check out some early prototype footage.

There will be more to come soon…