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Book I: The Flight of the Gryphons.

Blurb:  The peace treaty between elves and Orques ends with the orque chieftain being beheaded. In a fit of vengeance rage, an orque shaman unleashes an ancient evil upon the elven city of Ironpeak. There is only one force that can help the elves prevail; the mythical Gryphon Riders.


AvailabilitySummer/ Autumn 2019

Book II: Thirteen Slaves.

Blurb: The prince has been kidnapped by a band of orques. The only group seemingly capable of saving him is a ragtag band of faun, satyr and minotaur slaves Takes place simultaneously to Flight of the Gryphon Riders in a neighboring province.

Availability: Summer/ Autumn 2019

Book III: The Tale of Duncan & Dori

Blurb: This follows the adventures of dwarven scout/smuggler Duncan Fjord and his traveling companion Dori, a giant bear. We learn of their very special relationship and the tragic story behind it.

Availability: Winter 2019/2020